Procurement & QC Services for Importers in China

Supplier Inspection & Auditing
  • How well organized is a manufacturer?
  • How good is their quality control system?
  • Is their product quality good and stable enough?
  • Is their operation large enough for your needs?

Before you give an order to a new supplier, do your due diligence by allowing yourself or our team to collect information about the factory. Once production is on, you will need to enforce your quality standard and keep constant pressure by checking the quality of every batch.

Consulting & Physical presence
  • Need help finding and auditing a new supplier, or keeping the current one in line?
  • Need full time presence in the manufacturing plant?
  • Need experienced, awake and communicative expat resident personnel?

We only use European personnel for our China operations. The larger your China manufacturing operations are, the more you need responsive and responsible personnel to adequately supervise. Avoid mistakes and have professionals make sure you get what you paid for.

  • Want a cheap and reliable Air/Sea shipper on the Chinese side?
  • Need rush operations and last minute bookings?

Your goods are worth a lot, and allowing the supplier to give them to the wrong forwarder may cost you dearly. Our well tested and experienced logistic partners will keep their word and allow you to concentrate on what really matters.

30 Minutes Free Skype briefing

A one-on-one free private consultancy session, carried out remotely. During 30 minutes, A Consultant will be at your disposal to answer all of your questions. And since the meeting is conducted via Skype, you can screen-share your documents and projects as needed, in order to address specific points and obtain a solution immediately, when possible.

Contact Us

You want to contact us with general questions? We will try our best to reply all messages in less than 24 hours.

Contact person: Matteo V.
Email (preferred method): matteo [at] italybureau [dot] it
China mobile phone: +86 138 2437 3094 | Skype ID:stelnetsrl