About us

A Skilled and Experienced Advisor in the field, Helping Medium and Large Enterprises Buying in China

Italybureau exists since 1986, born at the dawn of the Internet Era, with the purpose of teaching SME’s the secrets of the international trade.

We gradually developed presence in China starting in the year 2010, to protect the interest and needs of our clients in an industrial manufacturing context where online coordination together with physical presence in the field often makes the difference.

Differently from most of the other QC firms, We strive to only use European agents in China, and to offer not a prepacked service, but a completely customized line of action which specifically meet the client’s needs, with constant briefings, supervision, follow up, with direct mobile contact through the most up to date data management and web-conference systems. Your eyes will be on the production line.

Who we work with

1. Midsize/Large importers

After years of experience, of which the last three with a large European automotive conglomerate, We have all of the knowledge and practical experience necessary for insuring safeguard of large scale productions, from the selection of the supplier until the close-up of the container.

2. Importers who have a medium/high volume of order and quality standard demand

In order to succseed in our mission We need a buyer with realistic expectations, and a manufacturer with a proper structure, willing to strive for perfection.

When this delicate balance is disturbed, our mission often have to switch from quality control to a proactive mediation between manufacturer and supplier.

When problems occur, the buyer in fact is not abandoned to himself to sort out his problems with the supplier, he can always count on us for supporting re-negotiation and conflict resolution with the Chinese counterpart. Something which is better done face to face rather than over a keyboard.

We prefer avoiding low-end products and manufactures.

3. Stable Importers

One-time business is not exactly our target, as it’s often a receipt for trouble.

Be it due to the inexperience of the buyer, or a first time cooperation with an improperly client-appointed supplier, things can go wrong if due-diligence is not carried out before selecting a product and appointing a supplier for a production run.

We can support You in the search of a proper product and supplier, but by no mean Quality Control is an all-solving magic bullet, it’s rather an irreplaceable ingredient of the receipt leading to perfection.

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