Here is what you need to know to keep your goods in honest hands:

Maritime fraud: Avoiding it

Maritime shipment is a lousily regulated sector, where incoterms means all and nothing.
Despite what you are promised, beware whose hands you put your products into.

Booking a shipment on the Chinese side is surely cheaper, but leaving your supplier to do that, or using a randomly found forwarding agent might bring nasty surprises upon you. It is not uncommon for greedy forwarders to keep client’s shipments on hold at the departure or destination port for ransom, and the receiver, bound by specific delivery dates and certain penalties, often tend to surrender and pay the undue extra fees in order to get possession of his goods.

Part of our experience include reliable air and sea logistic partners able to get you a good deal, while leaving all headaches and trouble to somebody else.

Air cargo, FCL, LCL, Express air, all of this can be taken care of by us with minimal effort on your side, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters.u to concentrate on what really matters.